Who                                       Our Youth Ministry is open to all students’ 6-12th We have a time for games,                                                  worship, a message, and small groups.We have 10 adult leaders who invest in                                              our youth and help them grow and develop their faith in Christ.
What                                     We are a group of people seeking to know Jesus Christ more deeply, and we
                                             have a lot of fun doing it!We do frequent activities throughout the month such                                              as rock climbing, paintball, trips to Busch Gardens, the beach etc.We go on                                                  retreats and mission trips throughout the year.We also participate in service                                                  projects such as feeding the homeless, collecting, packaging and delivering                                                food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas, picking up trash in our                                                              neighborhood and other acts of service.
When                                     We meet on Wednesday evenings weekly from 6:45 p.m.-8:30 p.m. and have                                                many activities throughout the month.
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Looking to fill out consent forms for your youth? You can download them here.