Prayer Requests & Praises

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For the Lord to give a young lady strength, wisdom and protection during her pregnancy.

For the family of Ryan Williams as they mourn his death on August 7, 2009 from injuries sustained from an airplane accident on August 1, 2009 in Kenya. For his wife, Dawn, and their four children. For Ryan’s parents, Dale and Celeste and his siblings.

For a hedge of protection around all police and fire fighters.

For the Mosley family who are missionaries and have been put in dangers way.

Prasie the Lord for the home he has provided.

For a hedge of protection around Colin, Gene & Chris who are in the Army.

For the children and youth , that God will grant them protection of body, soul, mind and spirit and fill them with with godly desires and true hope

For the educational system to be a positive influence on students

For two young ladies who have epilepsy.

For God to give the youth protection and fill them with true hope.

For families who are going through a rough time finanacially.

For the leaders of our country and the world.

For our president to make to make wise decisions guided by God.

For a family as they mourn the death of their 23 year old son.

Please pray for those in the Military with ties to Aldersgate to be in God’s loving hands:
David Johnson, Lt. Col. Charles Harris, Don Mertz, Matthew Kotchman, Keith Brown, SSGT Matthew Snow, Josh Helsher, Ian Anthony, Capt. Daniel Macsay, Joshua Fish, Lt. Col Mac McMullen, Dale Phillips, Cory Howard, Vincent Burrell, Nick Krege, jason Ryncarz, Nathan Handvlle, Joe & Angeanette Zelek, Paul Lynch, Specialist 4th Class Johnnie “Red” Walker, Ryan Gathright, Randy Arnett, Brett Rush, Mike Ingram, Brian Green, Terry Reddaway, Lt. Col. McClaren, Gene Jones, John Cline, Trevor Gaul, Mary Cornell, Sianna Tucker, Capt. Robert Bugner, Chris Odell, Jay Mc Cullough, Mike Houle, Lcpl Mike Gernigan, Capt. Brian Major, Travis Simpson, Jeff Smith, Chuck Holland, Marty Fredericks, James Martin, Shawn Brumfield, Sally Glover, Bret Robinson, Keith Farrell, Patrick Wallace, Cory Humbley, Brian Green, Tom Seery, Chief Petty Officer Matthew Kuntzman, Captain Joshua Kuntzman, Steward Jellison, Fred Stoker, Scott Dubee, Ryan Spyker and Chris Conner, Chris Popke, Colin Kar, Gene Jones