Chris Robinson
Traditional Worship Leader
Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Family Info: I’ve been married to Harriet for 25 years. We used to have two dogs, they were our children. All our parents have passed on, but we have relatives in several states, Canada, Greece, Germany, Italy and Australia. My father, whom I never knew, was a bluegrass musician who died in a plane crash when I was 9. While searching for my half-brother, I miraculously discovered I had a half-sister. She lives in Weeki Wachi. We are still seeking our lost brother.
When did you join the staff at Aldersgate? April 25, 2018.
What did you do before Aldersgate? For 12 years I served as Adjunct Professor of Music at Lakeland Community College near Cleveland and 11 years as Music Director at Zion UCC in North Canton. I’ve also worked many years in retail management. I hold a master’s degree in Orchestral and Choral conducting from Kent State University.
What do you do for fun? Aside from making music, we enjoy traveling extensively throughout US, Canada and Europe. I’m a Trekkie, possess a massive postcard collection and consider myself an amateur historian – particularly ancient Rome, pirates, and World War I. Rarely have I met a restaurant I didn’t like. We are both aficionados of classic films.
Favorite books? Oliver Twist, Wuthering Heights, The Three Musketeers, The Prisoner of Zenda, Les Miserables.
Who has influenced you the most in ministry/life? My late father-in-law was a great influence in my spiritual life. “Every day you spend time in the Word, Chris, you’ll get a blessing” he often told me. My great-aunt was also influential: faithful, charitable and self-sacrificing. I am always inspired by those who are not afraid to stand up against social and political injustice – regardless of personal risk – in defense of those who cannot.